Nothing can divide a dragon and the sky! Inspired by Staerset – Antigravity: Antigravity (Lyrics) The more I fight, the more I work The more I dig into the dirt To be fed up, to be let down To somehow turn it all around But then fate knocks me to my knees And sets […]

Former home

There once lived here hundreds of dragons, her family. After her return remains only desolation. it’s very sad to see a dragon who back home and see nothing than rocks and all that emptiness not only around but here in the heart. But you can really understand that feeling if you wasn’t the dragon.

How to train your dragon: sketch

Art by MeerDragon. I love paintings like this. Paintings where you can feel all this freedom and air abuse under your wings! Toothless flying high above clouds in the night skies! Original:

Dragon eye

Art by DragonCelesh. This art reminded me a times when I played The I of the dragon on my PC. It was amazing game where dragon raise and protects city from invasion of monsters that flooded the world. The blue dragon was my favourite because magic and colour of course! Original: