Cliff Top

Art: Thalassa Star

Thalassa Star | Cliff Top

[Old art!!! almost freshly colored] I’m gonna upload this real quick before going off to do homework So this was all supposed to be colored, before I dropped that. When I did, only this one was almost fully colored, so it would have been a shame to leave it like that for forever. I added the clouds and spent a hefty amount of time coloring those and the rocks, which were the remaining uncolored area from before. It looks presentable now and I remember the owner of the chara wanted to see it when finished too. Or at least I guess if he didn’t he would like to see it now eve I dunno, it was pretty long ago. 2/3 of the lineart of this was done 2 years ago….. but hey look, I’m moving on with my to do list!!!

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