Cloud Dragon

Art: Spydraxis

Spydraxis | Cloud Dragon

Cloud dragons are revered in much the same way as Earth Dolphins and for similar reasons. They have what can only be described as a kind heart and are helpful to creatures who are lost or in distress. They have been known to defend helpless victims from other dragons but have only done so for sentient beings. They can be found quite often with riders as they bond quickly and also easy to train. They will not serve cruel masters which has lead many Arcano-biologists to believe that they may be aligned to the forces of good though they are at a loss for how such a thing could be. Cloud dragons are among the largest and most powerful of the dragon species growing as large as 120 feet in length, though more than half of that is tail and neck. Like all dragons the possess a breath weapon however theirs is a cloud of gas that is electrically charged the gas holds it’s cohesion well enough to be used at a distance of 400 feet while still retaining its potency. Because of their helpful nature they have earned the nickname “Luck Dragon”.

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