Desert Dragon

Art: Spydraxis

Spydraxis | Desert Dragon

Desert Dragons inhabit arid wastes and prefer hot climates, they are ferocious when provoked and rarely attack anyone unless such is the case. They stand an impressive 25 feet high and are well over 125ft in length fully two thirds of which is tail alone. Their wingspan is equally impressive at 150 feet across. Their breath weapon is a scorching, barely visible, flame of intense heat capable of melting all but the most resilient materials. They almost never accept riders and prefer a solitary existence to that of companionship. They can survive for weeks without water or food due to an incredibly slow metabolism in turn this has granted them an unusually long life span estimated to be at least 3 times that of any other dragon known, and that’s saying something. Another custom skin and bump map for Swidhelm’s Skywyrm Bull. I wish I knew how to package them for Renderosity but alas I have no clue how to create a pz2 file for the skin. Otherwise I would have this up and available in a multitude of custom colors and textures.

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