Dragon Adoptables: Broadwings- Lights – 1/2

Art: Kamakru

Kamakru | Dragon Adoptables: Broadwings-  Lights - 1/2

“Hello! Welcome to the wild. Have you come to tame a dragon today?” Introducing the first two of the total 4 light color schemed Broadwings! Although I guess you could consider these more of a ‘medium’, since the main color is stiller darker. BUT for the sake of making a half-and-half group lol. As much as I like to add 10 different colors to a design, I am also a firm believer in simple but memorable – and I feel these two fit that very well ^_^ I carefully design each adoptable as if I was designing a character for myself, and they are like my little dragon children which I raised and I’d like them to go to good homes ^_^ Thanks for looking! They are male or female, whichever you choose. Sorry no character sheets this time. I’ll give it to you on a nice background or png. so it’ll be easy to create the sheet.

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