Dragon phylogenetic tree

Made by Maxterand Kiwi King

dragon phylogenetic tree

The heavily redone version of my previous dragon phylogenetic trees.


  • Drepanosauromorpha: A group of bizarre, mostly arboreal reptiles that had clawed, prehensile tails. Fossils of drepanosaurs are limited to the Late Triassic of North America and Europe.
  • Protodracomorpha: Very primitive, six-limbed, drepanosaur-like dragons. Instead of wings, they have simple patagium (skin flaps) stretching across their limbs.
  • Nycholuria: A group of odd, primitive dragons. Most nycholurians are capable of flight, however they are very poor at it. Some (Basilisks) are capable of spewing corrosive chemicals.
  • Vivernia (Wyverns): A highly derived group of dragons. Most wyverns have lost the use of their front legs, which are now either vestigial (small and useless) or gone entirely. Some wyverns have lost the use of their wings as well (whiteworms and some theropod wyverns). All are capable of spitting a corrosive acid (draconic acid).
  • Eudraconia (True dragons): Powerful, six-limbed dragons. Most True Dragons are restricted to the Old World (however, some extinct varieties have been found in the americas). Most can spit acid.


-Larger taxa (classes, subclasses, orders) are marked in blue.
-Smaller taxa (infraorders, superfamilies, families, genera) are marked in black
-Extinct smaller taxa are listed as their scientific names, instead of their common names.


-Moved position of Sinovivern

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