Jasriella Bookmark 2

Art: Natoli

Natoli | Jasriella Bookmark 2

Another bookmark for Jasriella ^^ This one was challenging, but I can’t say it wasn’t pleasurable! 😉 I like challenges 😀 So, this is Jasriella in her dragon anthro form, on first side, in rehearsal room and second….. yay for electric glass violin and rave party! 😉 Hope you like it ^^ ____________ This bookmark is two sided and foiled (laminated), made with ink, markers, ecoline, watercolor pencils and shiiinyyyy gel pens (not visible on the scan, I’m afraid 😉 ). It’s thick and cannot easily bend. Doesn’t slip out of the book, also is very hard to destroy 🙂 Size is 15,5cm x 6,5 cm, fits in majority of books 🙂

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