My first Try with Drawing Artistic

Art: Brenda Maya

Brenda Maya | My first Try with Drawing Artistic

Hi folks! well. Like the tittle says this is My first try with Drawing artistic. So, I’m training to do a artistic drawing for an actor ” Hank Azaria”. I know it, the chances of him see my pictures is one in one million, but even so I’ll do, “this is what make me a fan” 😉 I drew hair on the dragon, I was trying to do hair realistic. This drawing was made with the use of: a black pencil “6B”, a pencil “HB”, a rubber and cotton. Pencil “6B”: to make shadows more dark Pencil “HB”: to make lighter shadows Rubber: to make light effects Cotton: to make the fade of the dark shadows with the lighter shadows Just to inspire ” the materials don’t make you an artist, is the techniques that you use makes you an artist” 😉

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