Rainbow Dragon

Art: Domo Orichalcos

Domo Orichalcos | Rainbow Dragon

A dragon I drew for my friend ~Ixenkothar =D I wasn’t happy with the last dragon (if you could call it that) I drew for you, so I drew you another 🙂 I hope you like it :aww: The original image was over 3500pxl so I resized it, but I’ll send you the original one! Soooo, I spent waaaay too long on this picture. I don’t even know where the time goes. I spent 2 hours on the scales alone! But some good came out of drawing this: I learned an alternate way to do shading and highlighting, I learned how to draw good clouds (that ended up being blocked), I learned how to recolour something I already coloured, and I figured out what the Water tool does :rofl: I had originally intended this guy to be absolutely covered in rainbow scales… but I didn’t like the look; so I toned them down to four intermediate colours on specific spots only. One day I will draw an extremely detailed – and realistic – dragon, but I will settle for this instead for now 🙂 ~~~+~~~

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