Crystal dragon

My crystals is my treasure!
Even dragon become similar to place where they lives.


Sky Dragon

It’s all about feeling that the sky is your homeland

Art Video

A Moment Alone + Video

[Just a moment alone under Summer moon. This moment we shouldn’t hide and can share our feelings.


Night dragon

It could be some kind portrait of dragon. There are many wonders happens in dragon’s night


Dragon eye

Art by DragonCelesh.

This art reminded me a times when I played The I of the dragon on my PC. It was amazing game where dragon raise and protects city from invasion of monsters that flooded the world. The blue dragon was my favourite because magic and colour of course!

dragon eye by dragoncelesh




[:en]polaris by leundra

It’s 3am now and I can happily finished version of Polaris. ^^”
Acutally she asked me at the time of Connichi to draw her a picture of her beautiful cute dragon and aurora in the background.
It took me quite some time to finish but I’m pretty happy with the result now. :3
Hope you like it as well! :)[:]


[:en]Bright night[:ru]Ночь ярких звёзд [:]

[:en]Can you imagine you flight high and high above a clouds into sky where you can touch twinkling stars with you widely opened wings.[:ru]Как бы было великолепно взмыть в небо и там над облаками слиться в танце с миллионами ярких звёзд смотрящих на меня в вышине небес и словно отражающихся своим мягким свктом на моих крыльях.[:]


[:en]Temple of Dragon[:]

[:en]temple of dragon by leundra

Finally I managed to finish this for Dragonator. :3
He wanted me to draw a Roman scenery. Hopefully he’ll like it as much as I do. ^^
I really had a lot of fun to play with the colours. Blue and orange simply fits well. ;)

Here a little step by step animation of the colouration act. :3
Made a step every time I went to bed. ^^”

dragonator progress by leundra[:]


Dragon of Night

dragon of night by gewalgon

My friend asked me to draw her as a dragon of night she described me.
I hope all details are correctly and that you like it!

[Drawn on a black paper with color pencils and pastel chalks]


[:en]Be one of us[:]


Im my dreams I see dragons very ofnen. They play, they sing, they cry, they live. They are really live at least in my dreams. It is wornderfull that someone else can share the my happines to be a dragon in own dreams.

be one of us by gewalgon

“Be one of us” shows a dragon ritual based on a dream I had.
A red dragon visited me in my room and asked me to come with him.
I followed him to a “dragon land”, a certain place where the dragon clans hold their meetings, which I visit in my dreams often.
When I arrived, in the “room” was a big magical circle in that I should join.
Around that circle were a lot of dragons from different elements, in different colours, much more than on this picture here.
The moment when I joined into the circle I felt a lot of energy flowing through my whole body and I changed my humanbody into my dragon form.
Then the golden dragon told me that from now on the dragons will appreciate me as one of them, as part of their family, as part of their clan, as a true dragon.

It took me a lot of time to draw the picture… I hope you like it![:]