Element dragon

Last night I finished the acrylic drawing of a random colourful dragon I started before I went to Canada. :3 Since I am finally back home now I couldn’t wait to finish it. ^^ The canvas has a size of 50x70cm. I really need to draw more traditional stuff again! It’s so much fun. 🙂 […]


It’s 3am now and I can happily finished version of Polaris. ^^” Acutally she asked me at the time of Connichi to draw her a picture of her beautiful cute dragon and aurora in the background. It took me quite some time to finish but I’m pretty happy with the result now. :3 Hope you […]

Мina and Videri

They look so lovely and romantic Just one more picture and I’m done with the sketchbook. 😉 This time it’s a art for my friend and his girlfriend. :3 Now I still have 3 exams to write.. from the 16th July I may have a life again! 😀 http://leundra.deviantart.com/art/Project-Sketchbook-Mina-and-Videri-313121313

In the Forest

It’s really nice to work with those green tones and I started to love brushes!! They are very helpful to create textures very fast. If you’re interested you can watch the whole creating process bellow. 😀 This is my 1h speedpicture of Sarkanys beautiful forest dragon. I used some brushes to make textures but the […]