Different kind of prey

Ric and my character Eigengrau having some fun time in the woods :)

Textured brushes + brush effects


Above the clouds

Above the clouds by Soltia

Music: Globus – Take me away
The clouds…. CURSE YOU!…


Where’d you go

where'd you go by red izak

In progress:

where'd you go (in progress) by red izak


Bright night

Can you imagine you flight high and high above a clouds into sky where you can touch twinkling stars with you widely opened wings.


Temple of Dragon

temple of dragon by leundra

Finally I managed to finish this for Dragonator. :3
He wanted me to draw a Roman scenery. Hopefully he’ll like it as much as I do. ^^
I really had a lot of fun to play with the colours. Blue and orange simply fits well. ;)

Here a little step by step animation of the colouration act. :3
Made a step every time I went to bed. ^^”

dragonator progress by leundra



The dragon looks great! So brisk and slight to be true flying creature.

Vele'Senna by Vincaro

Continuing to refine the design of Yuvari dragons, I have redesigned the wing joints to make more sense. Though the dragons of each flight are different in appearance, their general build and proportions are the same along with a few other small details.

Vele’Senna is a dragon of the Blue Flight of Yuvari. Controlling the arcane magic of conjuration and illusion they have a reputation of lies and deception. The land over which they rule is a haven for outlaws and thieves, only violence is not tolorated in Azuria.


In the Forest

in the forest by leundra
It’s really nice to work with those green tones and I started to love brushes!! They are very helpful to create textures very fast.

If you’re interested you can watch the whole creating process bellow. :D

This is my 1h speedpicture of Sarkanys beautiful forest dragon.

I used some brushes to make textures but the rest is all handmade with a normal round brush.

Drawn in Photoshop cs3 and music belongs to the movie Mononoke hime.



Крыло… Крыло? Откуда крылья?
Ведь не умею даже им взмахнуть.
Я думал были раньше крылья,
А получив, от счастья не вздохнуть.

Махнул крылом, впервые в жизни.
И ветер ринулся вперед,
Взмахнул еще, ценнее жизни
Услышать ветер как поет.

Смогу летать? Давай проверим
Взмахнул еще и рьяным зверем
На встречу звёздам полетел,
Но только вот, летать мы не умеем,
И сон прогнал привычный рокот дел.


No way out

no way out by leundra

Have a good hunt my winged sister.

Finally created this for my dear friend!
She wanted me to draw her both characters Thalathis and Kageerall in a region with rocks and mountains.
It took pretty much time to draw it and poor Thala had to wait from November until now but I hope it was worth it. <3