Dragon OC: Airana (ice-lightning type)

Art: lizzy The Viking

lizzy The Viking | Dragon OC: Airana (ice-lightning type)

well yeah here you are… i gave you my new dragon OC…. “Airana” okay say hello to her^^ and i will also put her bio here name: Airana Stormrider nickname: anna/airstorm age: (not so sure about dragon age… but if she was a human.. she will be around 20 years old) dragon type: Ice and Lightning special attack: she rarely attack with her fire…. but she will use it if she really need to but ussualy she just attack with her long tail and slash it into her enemy like a whip filled with lighting that can shock you to death bio: she’s a calm and sweet kind of dragon, but she can be very fierce if she get threatened with something dangerous… as for her usual thing to do is she love to collect gems and coins to make her nest, or maybe use some of them, its her greedy side lel…

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