Gift of Life

gift of life by gewalgon

“It’s a gift to enjoy this moment,
this beautiful nightsky.
It’s a gift to be together with you,
sharing a deep bond of love.
It’s a gift to be here,
being what I am…

It’s the precious gift of life! ♥”

I draw Rykaran and Dorak together in a forest-glade under the nightsky where the stars should look like a “belt”.
I really really hope you like it, I enjoyed to draw this one a lot! :D


After 100.000 years on earth at home…on Arvenja!

Gewalgon | After 100.000 years on earth at home...on Arvenja!

“I dreamed of a planet… a planet far away from earth…. I remember… I remember my decision to travel to the earth… to help human race to grow… to grow in peace and harmony… I remember… my loved ones, today in Raven and Cat form, came with me… Since 100.000. years we are here… in human body… lost our powers… our power to change our bodies… our power to heal our sweethearts… our power to look into the feature… Our human bodies are so heavy… Our hearts are crying… The human race is so blind… The human race is so ignorant… The human race is so brutal… But I still hope I can change this world! :earth: But I still hope people can open their mind! :snowflake: But I still hope once we will live in peace and harmony! :shamrock: Last life… Last life on this earth…. After 100.000 Years I want to travel back… Travel back to my green planet… Sweet home Arvenja This drawing and it’s story based on a dream I had… On the picture you can see Alvrericjas, my inner dragon, my poweranimal & my Dragon-Phoenix own Character.


Be one of us

Im my dreams I see dragons very ofnen. They play, they sing, they cry, they live. They are really live at least in my dreams. It is wornderfull that someone else can share the my happines to be a dragon in own dreams.

be one of us by gewalgon

“Be one of us” shows a dragon ritual based on a dream I had.
A red dragon visited me in my room and asked me to come with him.
I followed him to a “dragon land”, a certain place where the dragon clans hold their meetings, which I visit in my dreams often.
When I arrived, in the “room” was a big magical circle in that I should join.
Around that circle were a lot of dragons from different elements, in different colours, much more than on this picture here.
The moment when I joined into the circle I felt a lot of energy flowing through my whole body and I changed my humanbody into my dragon form.
Then the golden dragon told me that from now on the dragons will appreciate me as one of them, as part of their family, as part of their clan, as a true dragon.

It took me a lot of time to draw the picture… I hope you like it!