Jasriella Bookmark 2

Art: Natoli Another bookmark for Jasriella ^^ This one was challenging, but I can’t say it wasn’t pleasurable! 😉 I like challenges 😀 So, this is Jasriella in her dragon anthro form, on first side, in rehearsal room and second….. yay for electric glass violin and rave party! 😉 Hope you like it ^^ ____________ […]

Got Something For You

Art: Samantha Dragon picture for my :heart: ~Dreit for 1-st May of this year because in our country is 1st-May similar to better known Valentine usually celebrated with kissing under cherry-tree (or I guess any nice blooming tree 😀 ) and because we cant be together much 🙁 maybe you can remember a bit similar […]

Young dragon story

Author: Kalandra Episode 1 Bernar was a dragon. He was also young, having seen only enough moons to grow half his height. He was also curious. Bernar loved to venture out just to explore. He loved nature and found it most interesting. Yet, recently he had found his interest focusing on something he had not […]