A Moment Alone + Video

Just a moment alone under Summmer moon. This moment we shouldn’t hide from anyone and can share our feelings. https://ignitetheblaize.deviantart.com/art/com-A-Moment-Alone-Video-684952836 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNIkThrfxdU

Gift of Life

“It’s a gift to enjoy this moment, this beautiful nightsky. It’s a gift to be together with you, sharing a deep bond of love. It’s a gift to be here, being what I am… It’s the precious gift of life! ♥” I draw Rykaran and Dorak together in a forest-glade under the nightsky where the […]

In the Forest

It’s really nice to work with those green tones and I started to love brushes!! They are very helpful to create textures very fast. If you’re interested you can watch the whole creating process bellow. 😀 This is my 1h speedpicture of Sarkanys beautiful forest dragon. I used some brushes to make textures but the […]