Dragon Dream

The art of TF deviantart artist: Do you ever seen a dreams about dragons. May be this happens to you each time in other reality. But each time you open your eyes the real world swallow you realm.

tf 12 | Dragon Dream

In parents room:
‘Dear! Wake up! Can you smell it?’
‘Oooohhh! Not again! You should speak to Mary about this dragon stuff.’
‘You suggest I ask our own daughter that give up on her dreams?’ Sigh.
‘Where did I hang the extinguisher?’
‘Beside the door.’
The mother embraces her husband.
‘I will buy fireproof bedsheets tomorrow.’
‘As long as she doesn’t need a pile of gold…’

I’m not sure, if the dark ( near black ) colors are the same on different screens. ( Maybe I should take back my old CRT monitor. )



AT: Noah Comic Style

Art: Sorona Dragon

Sorona Dragon | AT: Noah Comic Style

My part of an Art Trade with my Friend I drew her OC Noah, He was really fun, his colors were challenging to work with :la: I made it a comic Style, Comic Styles are always good Art Trade halves to give :love: Noah� ArtWork� Me/



The dragon looks great! So brisk and slight to be true flying creature.

Vele'Senna by Vincaro

Continuing to refine the design of Yuvari dragons, I have redesigned the wing joints to make more sense. Though the dragons of each flight are different in appearance, their general build and proportions are the same along with a few other small details.

Vele’Senna is a dragon of the Blue Flight of Yuvari. Controlling the arcane magic of conjuration and illusion they have a reputation of lies and deception. The land over which they rule is a haven for outlaws and thieves, only violence is not tolorated in Azuria.