The time changes nothing

– Many people say that they are dragons.
– Many people think so but the time show they lies.
– There is nothing to do with time.
– The time changes anything except true nature of us. Is it not?
– So. Only time has nothing to do with it :), it does not judge and does not change if there is no desire to change something. Being a dragon – gift. Become a dragon – a lie. You can be dragon or can’t be and time has nothing to do with it.

Dragon Ksar

Former home

There once lived here hundreds of dragons, her family. After her return remains only desolation.

Former home by Deanosaior

it’s very sad to see a dragon who back home and see nothing than rocks and all that emptiness not only around but here in the heart. But you can really understand that feeling if you wasn’t the dragon.

Dragon eye

Art by DragonCelesh.

This art reminded me a times when I played The I of the dragon on my PC. It was amazing game where dragon raise and protects city from invasion of monsters that flooded the world. The blue dragon was my favourite because magic and colour of course!

dragon eye by dragoncelesh


Dragon speed-paint + time lapse video

Art by Nimphradora.

I love how the artist draw this dragon. I always envy people who easily can draw like this/

brown dragon speed paint

Finally I managed to record drawing process… I lost first few minutes of work, but I hope it’s still worth watching. It took me about 30 min to finish the painting.
I wanted something fast to test this recording thing, and for the next video I’ll try to also record voice so I could explain what I’m doing 🙂

Watch process



Desert dragon

Oil painted on agate art of bronze desert dragon by AlviaAlcedo. It looks kinda mystical.

desert dragon by Alviaalcedo

I started a new dragon serie – different red dragons on different stones.
Agate stone size: 4x3cm (2.54cm=1inch)
Oil paints on a stone surface. later I will cover painting by a special lacquer for a damage protection.