The time changes nothing

– Many people say that they are dragons.
– Many people think so but the time show they lies.
– There is nothing to do with time.
– The time changes anything except true nature of us. Is it not?
– So. Only time has nothing to do with it :), it does not judge and does not change if there is no desire to change something. Being a dragon – gift. Become a dragon – a lie. You can be dragon or can’t be and time has nothing to do with it.

Dragon Ksar

Dragon speed-paint + time lapse video

Art by Nimphradora.

I love how the artist draw this dragon. I always envy people who easily can draw like this/

brown dragon speed paint

Finally I managed to record drawing process… I lost first few minutes of work, but I hope it’s still worth watching. It took me about 30 min to finish the painting.
I wanted something fast to test this recording thing, and for the next video I’ll try to also record voice so I could explain what I’m doing 🙂

Watch process