Dragon Dream

The art of TF deviantart artist: Do you ever seen a dreams about dragons. May be this happens to you each time in other reality. But each time you open your eyes the real world swallow you realm. In parents room: ‘Dear! Wake up! Can you smell it?’ ‘Oooohhh! Not again! You should speak to […]

Pern: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Art by Brekke. Dolphin Cove Weyr – A fictional Weyr of Dragonriders of Pern in play at Triad Weyrs. I really like this place and wanna dragons really live there. It is quite protected from winds of ocean and storm waves. And it is a home. A home for a dragons. This artwork was painted […]

Dragon phylogenetic tree

Made by Maxterand Kiwi King The heavily redone version of my previous dragon phylogenetic trees. MAIN CLADES: Drepanosauromorpha: A group of bizarre, mostly arboreal reptiles that had clawed, prehensile tails. Fossils of drepanosaurs are limited to the Late Triassic of North America and Europe. Protodracomorpha: Very primitive, six-limbed, drepanosaur-like dragons. Instead of wings, they have […]