A dragon journey

They agreed to meet on the glade in the forest, close to the edge. The dragoness was waiting for him, pacing and thinking about something personal, at times releasing claws or pushing aside the branches on her way with a paw. She did not just walk in circles, but she was trying to make a figure on the ground from scattered branches and rumpled grass. Being fully immersed in her thoughts, she did not notice neither the time nor what she was doing.

It was evening and the time of the meeting was approaching. The dragon, landing at the edge of the forest and not even thinking of stopping, flew at a speed of flight between the trees. Cracking branches, holding his wings close, he pierce into the thicket of undergrowth into the bushes. Trying to get through the thicket he knew that there are a glade not far from here, where they decided to meet. He is slowing down and start walking, trying to calm down and listen to the wind-roaring in the forest and hearing his heart. He blames himself. It would be easier to find other path. He could reach the glade quicker going along the path, he thought while pulling out paws from branches after with every step and feeling the wet marshy ground under his paws.

Not too far in front he sight a dragoness behind trees who are walking in circles on a glade. No doubt, he did all the way to here only to met her. Holding his thoughts, he hurried to reach a glade to her, no longer noticing that he had gone through some swamp and was messy. When he went out into light of sun the only thing he thought about was do not scare the dragoness with his appearance. He smiled an was surprised that the dragoness was very glad to meet him no matter he was covered with a dirt and leafs. She come closer to him, but did not dare to touch. Instead that she silently shook her head and point into the depths of the forest to the path they going to go. The dragoness carefully turned around and, as if by accident, touched the dirty legs of the dragon with its tail. He looked at the paws where his tail touched. The paws were all wrapped by marsh grass and covered with a mud. He was a little ashamed of his appearance, but he forgot about it just dragoness’s tail disappeared behind trees. Next moment he followed her.

So they walked through the dark forest, having a feeling that there is beginning to grow dark above, but they were not scared. Together they weren’t alone. Sometimes one of them stopped harshly pointing with a glance at a wonderful tree or on a ray of light beautifully breaking through the branches on a forest’s grounds. It seemed that they were simply looking for impressions, but all that tenderness in their eyes and the smoothness of the movements said that they were interested in each other, that they wanted to show each other what they could see in a simple forest. Coming to the fork where they could choose the path? they both decided go further into the deep of woods. They had to walk along a narrow path one by one, and sometimes the one who was ahead stopped, opening one wing and did few short steps backwards. That mad\e the other’s heart tremble with a lack of understanding of what had happened, but after standing for some time both continue their walk forward again. It was nice for them to play with each other like this. This was letting them feel the value of the moments they both spent together.

So they passed the forest, going out into the field. The sun went down and the moon shone. Both dragons was happy realizing that they had done it. Together they passed that forest, which now looked behind the dark and terrible. And now they are running away from the forest, across the field very close wing to wing, making their way further up the hill. At the top of the hill they looked around. Here they are safe.

Far and wide there are was a field around dragons.The field was covered with purple flowers, which shimmered in the light of the silver full moon, giving a romantic atmosphere. Here from the top of the hill it was possible to see red flowers that bloomed in the night on the neighboring slope. They glittered like a tiny stars on the ground, as if they reflecting the starry sky that spread its wing over two dragons. So they both stood looking at the breathtaking landscape. Inside each of them, was something that trying to break out, and they both muzzles half-turned to each other’s. At that moment they felt a warmth inside their bodies, as if a warm wind lifted them over the ground and circled in the dance. In fact, everything was spinning in the dragons’ heads when they cuddles each other. She was no longer concerned about the fact that the dragon was still covered in the mud, and the dragon was no longer afraid to touch her even being in such appearance.


Lavender Dragon

Dragon can be small as a lavender


Dragon banner

faviconI’ve added new favicon for the site because I feel old one is become to old.

The dragon is black but he brings the light of new day


Book dragon

Art by Rastaban

It is wonderful when dragons treats not like and regular animals of just ride’n’pull beasts but someone more inteligent and smart. Who said that dragons cant’t read? :)


Dragon doing some studies.


Dragon Dream

The art of TF deviantart artist: Do you ever seen a dreams about dragons. May be this happens to you each time in other reality. But each time you open your eyes the real world swallow you realm.

tf 12 | Dragon Dream

In parents room:
‘Dear! Wake up! Can you smell it?’
‘Oooohhh! Not again! You should speak to Mary about this dragon stuff.’
‘You suggest I ask our own daughter that give up on her dreams?’ Sigh.
‘Where did I hang the extinguisher?’
‘Beside the door.’
The mother embraces her husband.
‘I will buy fireproof bedsheets tomorrow.’
‘As long as she doesn’t need a pile of gold…’

I’m not sure, if the dark ( near black ) colors are the same on different screens. ( Maybe I should take back my old CRT monitor. )



Pern: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Art by Brekke.

Dolphin Cove Weyr – A fictional Weyr of Dragonriders of Pern in play at Triad Weyrs. I really like this place and wanna dragons really live there. It is quite protected from winds of ocean and storm waves. And it is a home. A home for a dragons.


This artwork was painted completely in photoshop with a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. Placement of building and openings are from the basic overview map located on the site.




Heic Noenum Pax

Art: Isvoc

Heic Noenum Pax

“Faith saveth – yet your tether runs thin…” Red fire dragon way along burning forest.





Art: Isvoc


Red fire dragon in inferno fire! Experimental piece for ~Vvlkn , testing new techniques.



Dragon phylogenetic tree

Made by Maxterand Kiwi King

dragon phylogenetic tree

The heavily redone version of my previous dragon phylogenetic trees.


  • Drepanosauromorpha: A group of bizarre, mostly arboreal reptiles that had clawed, prehensile tails. Fossils of drepanosaurs are limited to the Late Triassic of North America and Europe.
  • Protodracomorpha: Very primitive, six-limbed, drepanosaur-like dragons. Instead of wings, they have simple patagium (skin flaps) stretching across their limbs.
  • Nycholuria: A group of odd, primitive dragons. Most nycholurians are capable of flight, however they are very poor at it. Some (Basilisks) are capable of spewing corrosive chemicals.
  • Vivernia (Wyverns): A highly derived group of dragons. Most wyverns have lost the use of their front legs, which are now either vestigial (small and useless) or gone entirely. Some wyverns have lost the use of their wings as well (whiteworms and some theropod wyverns). All are capable of spitting a corrosive acid (draconic acid).
  • Eudraconia (True dragons): Powerful, six-limbed dragons. Most True Dragons are restricted to the Old World (however, some extinct varieties have been found in the americas). Most can spit acid.


-Larger taxa (classes, subclasses, orders) are marked in blue.
-Smaller taxa (infraorders, superfamilies, families, genera) are marked in black
-Extinct smaller taxa are listed as their scientific names, instead of their common names.


-Moved position of Sinovivern


ACEO/ATC: Rasha concept art

Art: Samantha Dragon

Samantha Dragon | ACEO/ATC: Rasha concept art

after really long time finally concept art on ACEO for ~RashanaMoonfire – I’m so sorry it took me so long to do at least something D: but… I got different idea which I can’t catch and draw and I wasn’t able to start from zero on this aceo because every time I started to sketching/thinking about it I go back to that idea x.x so after brainstorming (yeah, I even drew that map with key words XD but it helped me), then googling images (one of them can be seen edited in background) and than finally did this. I really hope I will be able to draw in RL something similar because now I can through away and leave that old idea for some time :3