Young dragon story

Episode 1

Bernar was a dragon. He was also young, having seen only enough moons to grow half his height. He was also curious. Bernar loved to venture out just to explore. He loved nature and found it most interesting. Yet, recently he had found his interest focusing on something he had not noticed before.
It all started about a month ago when he witnessed a pair of mating griffins. He had been quite embarrassed having caught the too and not leaving from his hiding place until they were finished. He has also been frightened because if the two griffins had known he was watching they would have scolded him and probably told his parents. He felt strange after witnessing the act. He wanted to forget it, but couldn’t.
The next thing that caught his interest was Juna, a female dragon that lived next to Bernar’s family. They played together often, but a month ago something happened. He was chasing Juna, for she had just pushed him into a particularly cold lake. The two collapsed exhausted after a long drawn-out chase. They sat across from each other, sprawled out in a small clearing in the forest. Bernar looked up at Juna, about to say something, then stopped. He just looked a Juna. Her young female form, heaving in deep breath, returned the feeling he had felt watching the two griffins. Luckily, she didn’t notice his increased interest.
The month rolled on Bernar learned something new. He was thinking about Juna one night when his body quivered pleasantly. He thought little off it until it happened again. He soon found that by touching himself he could bring on the pleasurable muscle spasms. He felt so embarrassed at first, and still did, but still he didn’t stop.
For the rest of the month he explored the forest. He watched wild horses, bears, and mountain lions mate. This morning he witnessed a mating between two hawks. The act had been so explosive that it currently filled his mind. He was currently at one of his favorite spots, deep within the forest. Here, he had found a long fallen log. It was old, hollow, covered in moss, and raised slightly at one end. But the part he like most was a small round hole that sat in the middle of the tree. Soft, wet moss covered the hole’s edges. He had found the place after watching two horses mate. He wanted to imitate the act so badly and had found the log, which he fit into perfectly, so he did.
Today he had returned the memories of the two hawks fresh in his young dragon mind. He leaned forward, laying the length of his body on the log. Closing his eyes, he let the memory of the hawks fill his mind completely. This felt so good. Thump!
A loud noise caused Bernar to sit up quickly. He corrected his posture and the rapid motion pulled hard on his trapped member. Ouch! A voice then made Bernar’s blood turn cold.
“I knew I could find you here!” It was Juna.
Bernar’s mind raced with excuses, and possibilities. Would she tell his parents? Would she hate him? Would-
“I knew if I wanted to, I could find the elusive Bernar.” proclaimed his childhood friend. She hadn’t noticed! Bernar lowered himself back onto the log, and said:
“Oh, Juna, go away, can’t you see I’m trying to take a nap?” Bernar winced as Juna walked around and sit in front of him at the log’s end, which raised it slightly. She had that look she often did that indicated she wasn’t going to leave for a while.
“Sleep later. Let’s go have some fun, old Marutha is out for a long summer walk…”
“So?” Bernar was getting impatient. He had been caught at a very important moment and could feel the mood flee from him like a small bird. “What would I want with that old dragon?”
“Well,” she started, “I figured we could follow her, and tease her when she falls asleep.” Juna leaned down and peered into the log Bernar was on. Juna squinted her eyes as Bernar’s widened.
“Hey, I think there’s something in here. It’s right bellow you. Looks like… Oh, never mind it’s gone.” Bernar had pulled himself from the log and take flight. Juna looked up, muttering, “It must have just been a shadow.” Realizing she was being left behind she cried,
“Hey, wait for me!” Bernar’s mind was wheeling, if she saw him like this… She could out fly him easily, and when she caught up she would notice. An idea came to him in a flash. There was a lake around here. He turned quickly and dived towards the lake. In a few moments, he splashed into the cold waters of the lake. Once in, he dug his claws into the lake’s bank, kicking up dirt and making the water murky. He floated, just his head above the surface. Juna was soon perched at the deep lake’s edge.
“This isn’t time for a bath!” she said. Bernar took the idea and began to pretend to clean himself under the water. Juna didn’t pay much attention, and went about her own thoughts, “What has been in that log?” she muttered to herself.
Bernar scratched the dirt away from his back. The water was clearing, but it wouldn’t be long before his condition was over, and Juna would be none the wiser. Bernar smiled to himself, not noticing the strange grin on Juna’s face. Bernar celebrated, he had done it!
Splash! Bernar’s head snapped up. Juna was in the water!
“I thought you said it wasn’t time for baths?” said Bernar as he swam away from Juna. Juna smiled.
“Well, we might as well both get clean.” Bernar swam away, angry at the fact that his plan was failing. Just a little longer and then- Bernar gasped as Juna dived underwater. He froze, only moving to keep afloat. Maybe she wouldn’t notice…
The air grew still and silent, Juna still hadn’t risen from the water. Bernar found he was holding his breath, as his whole body was tense. Something was holding his member. Oh by the fires of Narti, Juna wouldn’t miss that. Bernar looked down as the water cleared. He was filled with horror. It was Juna, she had his in her hands.
Bernar didn’t know what to do. Should he swim away, scream out? Should he help Juna, pretend he hadn’t noticed? He couldn’t decide and just bobbed there as Juna’s hand worked him back to full stimulation. This had to be a dream.
Juna’s snout popped above the water’s surface for a breath and immediately she lowered her head back underwater. Bernar gasped as the cold water surrounding his member was replaced by a warm surface. Juna had placed Bernar within her long snout. She worked her tongue over Bernar’s innocent organ. She let small bubbles coarse along Bernar’s length and escape at the end of her mouth.
In the next moment, Juna all but flung herself out of the water and flew through the air. Bernar quickly followed. Juna landed, and Bernar perused her as if he was hunting prey.
Juna rushed to a clearing and stepped forward, making room for Bernar. She leaned down onto her hands and raised her tail. Bernar jumped into the clearing and landed with a thump. He hoped forward and grasped Juna’s tail. He shifted his weight, and forced his tail under his friend’s. Bernar entered. The two gasped in shear delight. Bernar paused. He placed his weight onto his friend’s back, and watched as her sides expanded slowly with air. He grabbed her hips, placed his chin on her back, and pressed his tail tighter. The first thrust was amazing for the two.
Bernar continued slowly at first, but couldn’t help himself and began to speed-up rapidly. The two young dragons closed their eyes as Bernar speed to a furious rate.
Bernar’s climax and was quickly followed by Juna’s. A sharp gasp and the two parted, falling to the earth and then to each other’s arms.
The two lay there, in the forest. Their chest’s swelled with air. Neither said anything, letting the silence speak for them. They gazed into each other’s eyes and fell asleep for a long summer’s nap.

Episode 2

It had been almost two weeks since Bernar and Juna’s meeting in the forest. But today Bernar was alone, walking through he forest. He loved being by himself, sometimes. It gave him time to think and relax. Today he was contemplating adventure, he wanted to go on a quest. As long as Bernar could remember he wanted to adventure, to explore the world and save small parts of it in his mind.
Letting out a sigh from his young dragon chest, Bernar bent down to examine a small cropping of flowers. The small cluster of flowers smelled sweet, and tickled his nose. A sudden gust of wind rustled the leaves above as two shadows passed, trailing along the forest floor. Bernar looked up just in time to see two griffins soaring above him.
Curiosity caused the dragon to turn and follow. No dragon was very fast on foot, but Bernar was able to follow the griffins’ lazy flight from above. The couple above landed in a small nearby meadow. Bernar moved quietly to the edge of the clearing. Keeping hidden from sight, Bernar watched.
One of the griffins, the smaller one, laughed. Bernar wondered if the two were a couple. There was one female, the smaller one, and one male. Maybe they’re courting.
Bernar’s breath caught as the larger griffin, in one smooth motion, moved next to the other. He leaned forward and gently kissed the smaller griffin on the forehead. Bernar wonder if the too might mate before him like the pair he’d witnessed about a month ago. Bernar felt his body reacting as he became excited. The male griffin slowly stroked one paw down the female’s cheek. In the next moment, the male was whispering in small griffin’s ear.
Bernar was fully erected and waiting for the two to begin. In a graceful, quick motion the male shifted, and flew away. Disappointment crept into Bernar, and he turned, about to leave, when the female griffin stood on all fours. Bernar watched, mystified, as the creature walked to a nearby stream and drank from the cool waters. The female griffin’s backside was facing Bernar as her tail raised into the air. Bernar gazed at the female’s soft feline behind. Bernar began a gentle rubbing of himself against the ground as the griffin’s tail glided back and forth through the air. That tight furry behind filled Bernar’s adolescent mind. He wondered what the soft black fur of the griffin’s cat-like behind would be like. So soft, so… In his thoughts, he accidentally knocked a rock down the cliff.
The griffin’s head snapped up from the water and turned to look directly where Bernar was hiding.
“Who’s there?” demanded the griffin. Bernar’s heart froze. “Is that you Thryvos? I though you said you were going to find Resjon.” With a few bounds, the griffin leapt across the clearing. In the next instant she pounced on the frozen Bernar. “Got you!” cried out the griffin. The air was knock out of Bernar as he impacted the ground. The female griffin recognized her mistake and said,
“A dragon? Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were…” The griffin now stood upon Bernar’s chest. Bernar marveled as the soft furry inside of her hind-leg as the female brushed against his lower body. The fur tickled him as the flower had his nose. The sensation forced Bernar to close his eyes.
“I apologize, said the griffin. I just- ” The griffin paused as she felt Bernar’s stiff lowerness poking her on the inside of her feline back leg. “What’s that?” The griffin shifted to explore. Bernar gasped as the gentle shifting tickled him further. “Oh!” A smile broke the griffin’s beak. “A curious dragon, I see.”
The female griffin’s mind wheeled with possibilities. If it had been a male griffin that was below her she would have jumped off screaming, “Eww, get away.” She was young and Thryvos, the other griffin, was her first serious male friend. She was still a virgin and only had recently discovered her interest in the opposite sex. She was saving herself until after she was married, but she had fantasized so many times about male dragons. They’re muscular slick bodies soaring above. If she ever ran into a willing male dragon she’d… Sigh…
The griffin snapped back to the real world, and the very real male dragon below her. Bernar’s eyes were still closed as he enjoyed the softness. Bernar began a thrust and found only air. He leaned his head up as the griffin arose from him. Oh, it was nice while lasted. Bernar stared, wide-eyed as he watched the griffin move.
The female griffin swirled around and hopped off the dragon. She walked around the fallen Bernar to his hindquarters. She reached out and gently stroked his swollen member. Bernar gasped as the griffin’s paws gently squeezed him. A low rumble was emitted from the dragon’s chest.
Bernar lowered his head back to the ground and closed his eyes again. Bernar’s experience didn’t last as the sensation bellow him changed. The dragon’s head snapped up as the griffin placed him within her beak. The sensation was amazing; the griffin’s beak pressed tightly upon him and as the female’s tongue explored him he wondered, would Juna ever do this? He then decided he really didn’t care at the moment.
The griffin’s mind was filled with only one thought, what am I doing? She’d watched as her sister pleasure a male griffin in the same way and he had seemed to like it, but she never imagined… The young dragon felt amazing. She continued to explore with her hands and tongue.
She lifted her head for a breath. A waved of embarrassment flushed into the griffin, Was she doing it right? She gazed down at the male dragon bellow her. She’d watched Thryvos’s backside before, but it didn’t even begin to compare to what lay bellow her. Her heart jumped as the dragon moved to stand. She had done it wrong! She began to offer an apology because the dragon’s intent wasn’t clear.

* * * * * * * * * *
Bernar couldn’t stand it anymore. He hopped to his feet and spun around behind the female griffin. He firmly grasped her black feline body. Her tail swished nervously before him. In few quick movements he was inside of her. She was tight, much tighter than Juna. Bernar’s quick thought on the matter was that it was because the griffin was only slightly larger than half his size. The griffin’s fur pressed into Bernar, so soft and so ticklish.

* * * * * * * * * *
The female griffin froze as the dragon spun around her in a quick and fluidic motion. Was he going to attack her? No, she’d never heard of a dragon eating anything sentient, and griffins were just as smart as dragons. The griffin jumped as the dragon grasped her and she let out a small yelp as he forced his way into her. The pain was quickly replaced by sheer pleasure as the dragon began mating.
Bernar continued as the griffin’s tail twisted and brushed his testicles. The gentle caress of the furry tail sparked pleasure in him. Bernar leaned over the griffin, standing on all fours over the female. His large chest lay pressed against her back. His head lay next to hers as he doubled his efforts.
The griffin strained to support the dragon’s wait. The dragon stretched completely above her, covering the entire length of her with his muscular body. The dragon sped up and the female’s virgin body could not contain itself anymore and her orgasm exploded. The griffin’s entire body clinched in powerful and pleasurable contractions.
The female began to contract on Bernar. This was the last straw and the dragon’s own orgasm began. Together they quiver in pleasure. The enjoyable contracts continued for sometime. When it finished, the two collapsed to the floor. Breathing deeply, the female griffin said,
“My name’s Annoa.”
“I’m Bernar. Nice to meet you.”

* * * * * * * * * *
Juna, relaxing, had found a shady patch of the forest. She lay on her back, watching the leaves rustle on the branches above. It had been a while since the incident with her friend Bernar. They had done much since but still Juna thought of the event often, especially during dark nights. Just thinking about their encounter caused her body to become exited. She closed her eye, filling her mind with the memories.
Juna slowly raised her long tail up between her legs. With slow movements, Juna used her tail to pleasure herself and she began to imagine Bernar within her. Faster she pressed her tail into herself like she had done so many times before. Faster and faster! At the crucial moment Juna arose to all fours and pushed her tail deeper into herself. There she stood on all fours, rocking back and forth, as her tail slid along with her. Juna’s muscles tensed around her own tail and she collapsed on the ground. Flipping over, she again looked up towards the branches and sky above.
Her thoughts faded and changed to journey. How she wanted to adventure into the world. How she wanted to fight evil wizards and meet new dragons and all the other sentient creatures of the world. She wanted an adventure, just like the one she and Bernar had been fantasizing about for some time. Juna slowly drifted into the caress of sleep.
Juna awoke at a loud crash. She had very little to worry about, there wasn’t a single creature in this forest that could threaten a dragon besides another dragon. She lazy looked around at her surroundings, then found the cause of the noise; a large cougar was walking around to her. She smiled and replaced her head on the ground.
A small giggle escaped Juna’s chest as the large cat began to sniff her. Slowly the cat circled. “Go away cat, I want to sleep,” she thought. A smile crept onto Juna’s lips as the cat’s sensitive snout reached the base of her tail and between her legs. Juna mused, wouldn’t it be fun if- Juna’s thoughts were rewarded as the cat licked at the base of her tail. Juna giggled again. On a thought of concern, Juna raised her head and looked for any other dragons. None to be seen. Good! Juna lowered her head back down as the cat continued to lick her sensitive area. The cat’s licks continued to creep up Juna’s young female body. The cat straddled her tail as it licked her belly.
Juna gasped as the cat’s small testicles brushed her tail. So it was a male, and a curious one at that. Juna wonder if it was possible
Again her thoughts were interrupted and Juna had to fight not to jump up as the male cat pressed his penis into her. The cougar hunched over her and began to thrust himself into the female dragon. Juna’s whole body tingled as the cats furry body rubbed against her. She debated stopping him but quickly decided not to.
The cat’s thrusts began to speed up. Juna gasped as she raised her tail to give the animal some help. Pushing against the cat she raised herself slightly off the ground. This little animal was, by no comparison, Bernar, but he was different. The big cat’s barbs tickled Juna inside.
Suddenly the cat exploded, ejaculating into Juna. The sudden action caused Juna to burst into an orgasm herself. He dismounted and his barb racked Juna on its way out. The tingling little pain faded quickly as Juna’s muscular contractions heightened.
The cougar turned and left, leaving Juna alone throbbing in pleasure.

Episode 3

The problems had came in twos. It began with an alliance between the forces of the dark Black Dragons and the evil Fire Mages of the human kingdom. The twisted alliance had two leaders; the infamous Zur, a twisted Black Dragon, and Marcoon, a human with an evil heart and a temper to match. The war had erupted almost a month ago. Most dragons showed little concern over the dominantly human quarrel and the dark alliance quickly gained ground. Now forced with the choice to aid or stand by as evil took over the world, the dragons joined the war.
For Bernar and Juna this meant the disappearance of most of the young adult dragons. Both Bernar and Juna wished to join the others on the war front but their parents felt them too young. So, almost overnight, the majority of dragons in the forest were gone.
The second problem arrived quickly after the dragons’ departure. Bernar was sleeping lightly. In is mind dancing to dreams of flying among the stars when he was awaken by a noise. Bernar leapt up, fully awake. It was two voices arguing that had awoke him. One he recognized as his father, the other he had not heard before.
Awake and curious, Bernar rolled over and stood up to investigate the scene. Who would be arguing with his father at this hour? All of the hotheaded dragons had left by now, who could he have missed? Bernar’s eyes quickly adjusted to his dark surroundings and he walked with ease.
Bernar found a nice hidden spot and peeked into his family’s meeting area. He winced in pain as his eyes, again, adjusted to the bright light. There was his father, sitting tall and listening very quietly. Bernar had always admired his father’s patience. It was like his father always said, “Those who wait for the right moment always have the right moment.” But if his father was arguing now, then something very important was being discussed.
“Listen! If we don’t get it before Zur-” shouted the stranger’s voice. It belonged to another dragon who Bernar had never seen before. This new dragon was a deep red with a hint of fading that came with old age. He carried himself high and sat as if he should be treated with the utmost respect. Bernar’s father was quick to reply:
“You chase a legend. I don’t care what Zur has found, it will lead to nothing but a path of fable, fiction, and danger.
“But what if it is true! This could sway the entire war to out favor! Or turn it to his if Zur finds is first!”
“‘What ifs’, and В‘coulds’ are not the way to live ones life. Besides there is no one left to go on your quest, old friend.” The two dragons continued to argue in a quieter manner, less the wake anyone.
But something had drawn his mind away from his father and the visitor. A quest? That peeked Bernar’s interest. Oh how he yearned to adventure and explore the lands. He thought he would get his chance when the other dragons left for war, but his parents quickly ended that thought. But here was another opportunity. Bernar’s mind raced. His father was right, В‘what if’ and В‘could’ would get him nowhere and it was no way live. He had to do it, to go on this adventure. Oh the glory, besides, it would be fun… And the stories-
“Well,” his attention snapped back to the little room, “I will find a champion to search for me, but I need your knowledge of the artifact’s whereabouts. I will return within a week with my hero. Good-bye, old friend.” And with that, the great ruby dragon began to stand
Bernar paused in momentary shock, he had missed his chance! But if he acted now- Bernar leapt out into the room, a little faster then he wanted. He landed with a sharp Thud! as he hit the floor.
“Excuse me, Sir,” he said. The stranger turned around.
“Berkuth, you told me you had a son. I knew you married, but I assumed any offspring of yours would be off to the war.”
Bernar turned to his father, there sat the great Berkuth with the calm understanding Bernar had always known. His first thoughts turned to apology, he had expected his father to be angry, but he wasn’t. It even seemed as if his father had been expecting his arrival, and was glad to see him. Berkuth spoke:
“Ah yes, this is my son, Bernar. I believe he may wish to be your champion.” The stranger walked up to Bernar and examined him with careful scrutiny. The old dragon’s gaze scanned him up and down, taking in every last detail. The visiting dragon ended his assessment by staring deeply into Bernar’s young eyes. This made him feel strange and embarrassed, as if this stranger was viewing his most secret and intimate thoughts.
“No doubt about it, he has your cunning eyes, but he seems a bit young.” Bernar began to protest, but the stranger quickly turned to Berkuth and said:
“If you are willing to let him go I see no reason for him not to be my adventurer.” Bernar’s heart jumped but a sly grin appeared on Berkuth’s face and Bernar began to fret.
“I see no reason why he should not.” Bernar was about to argue, again misjudging what his father was about to say, when he remembered all the reasons his father wouldn’t let him join the war effort, this was one of them. Now realizing the agreement! his father gave, he decided it was in his best interest to keep quiet.
“None? Good, now if Bernar agrees….” The red dragon didn’t have time to finish, Bernar quickly answered, “Yes, I would be glad to help,” less the opportunity escape him:
“Excellent!” declared the stranger.
He began to ramble on about the glories to come. Bernar would have paid more attention to him if a glint of movement hadn’t caught his eye. There was something else in the shadows… Something he hadn’t noticed before. Bernar looked deeper into the shadows, trying not to stare.
It was another dragon! But it was unlike any he had seen before. I was long, like a coiled rope, dark as night, and completely foreign, even to his wild imagination. It shifted again and Bernar quickly recognized the creature as an eastern dragon. It resembled a long enormous snake with feet and hands, but what astonished him was that it had no wings! Bernar had never seen an eastern dragon before, but had heard of their flights. They were said to be quite graceful, in-fact. He quickly corrected himself now because he was staring.
“Tomorrow they should leave!” declared the stranger.
“Umm… Excuse me, they?” questioned Bernar.
“Ah, yes. Well, I assume you won’t want to travel alone. Yes! You should take a few comrades.”
“We have much to talk about, don’t we my son? Return here in the morning and we will see them off. I apologize but I must usher you off to Yue. We don’t have enough room for you to stay here. He will put you two up for the night. And tell them I sent you, you should be more than welcome there. Travel north to…” Bernar’s father offered directions and showed the two out.
Yue? That was Juna’s father!

* * * * * * * * * *
“Of course, of course. Come in and stay. I am honored to have Mardo and any that travel with him in my home. You must be exhausted, the extra rooms are this direction,” explained Yue, “My daughter should be along to offer any help you may need.” The stranger from Bernar’s home gave an extravagant bow.
“I thank you. We will explain out situation in the morning.” The three traveled down the dark corridors to the rooms. After showing his guests to their rooms, Yue went to fetch his daughter. Mardo’s companion spoke:
“Do you truly believe in your choice of champion? Mardo smiled,
“Of course I am! A son of Berkuth is a perfect selection. We can discuss this later, tomorrow. I bid you a good evening and dreams of piece.
Juna had been wide-awake since their guest’s arrival. She was a light sleeper, and probably wouldn’t be dreaming anytime soon. She talked quickly to her father. He was eager to return to sleep. Unlike his daughter, he could sleep through almost anything. Juna’s mother was even worse, often taking a good hard shove to wake.
Juna grabbed three extra blankets and a few extra candles. She ventured towards the guestrooms and peered into the first. Inside was the ruby red dragon referred to as Mardo. The elder dragon was already sprawled out along the bed and snoring loudly. Juna placed an extra blanket over the dragon. She exited and walked down the hall.
If the other guest was asleep this would be a snap. She’d have plenty of time to read, or maybe she would go lie under the stars.
She entered the other room expecting another dead tired dragon. Instead, she found a wide-eyed eastern dragon. She, to, had never seen an eastern dragon. It was looking at the walls that surrounded it. It must be an apprentice of Mardo, she thought. In an instant the dragon’s eyes shifted to lock with Juna’s stare.
“Oh! You must be the daughter, greetings.”
“Umm, yes. I am Juna. You?”
“I am called Chi Yon. But if you would call me Yon.”
“Hello, Yon. Can I get you anything?” The eastern dragon shifted uncomfortably.
“I’m not certain. Where I live, we don’t sleep inside often.”
“Well…” she paused momentarily to come up with ideas, “I can get you something to eat or drink, and we have plenty of good books. You could take a bath, or-” Juna was cut short.
“I’d like that.” A bath? Did eastern dragons take baths? She guessed they must, if one was asking for one now.
“Okay, follow me.” She led her guest to the western wing as the two traveled to the bathing chamber. Juna filled the largest bathtub with warm water. It was channeled from the natural hot springs that bubbled up all over the mountains. Here you go. I’ll bring back a towel or two.
“And something to eat?” the stranger inquired.
“Sure, what would you like?” asked Juna as Yon approached to steaming waters.
“Fruit, if it is not trouble.”
“Of course not.” Juna lied. She had become agitated that he was taking up her time, but it wasn’t every day a completely new type of dragon appeared at your doorstep, asking for bed and bath. She still hadn’t lost all hope, maybe we would finish quickly and she could still have some time to herself.
“Bring it in here please. I like to eat while I bath.” Juna was caught off guard by the request.
“Alright! I’ll be back in a flash.” Juna returned a few moments later with a plate of fruit and three large towels. She paused at the bath chamber archway.
“Yon, Sir?” she called, quietly.
“Come in, I haven’t gone anywhere.” Juna entered slowly. She was careful to avoid looking directly at the eastern dragon, it was considered impolite to watch another bathing unless they wished you to. He was much larger than the bathing pool allowed. A small part of his tail draped over the side of the tub and a large U-shaped section of his body was resting on the side.
“Where do you want this?” she asked as she admired the wall. Juna listened as the water shifted with the other dragon’s movements.
“Over here.” And he pointed to his left. At a second thought Yon added, “Oh, I must be embarrassing you. In my culture we often bath together.” It almost sounded as if the stranger enjoyed the idea of embarrassing Juna.
“A little.” she admitted.
“It is okay to look at me, little one.” The waters splashed again. Juna, pulled by curiosity more than anything else, turned her gaze to the stranger. She set the plate of fruit next to the bath and placed the towels nearby.
“Can I get you anything else?”
“I’d appreciate some company. Mardo is a very wise dragon, but he can be a bore at times.” Juna sat down still avoiding a direct look at Yon.
“Can I ask you a question?” Juna asked. Yon grabbed a piece of fruit.
“What do you think of our culture, western dragons I mean?” he thought a moment and replied,
“I find you, and your culture, very learned and wise, odd at times, but very thoughtful.” Suddenly Yon stood up from the waters and stepped out of the bath. Caught off guard, she stared strait at him. The eastern dragon slowly pulled out its long serpentine body. Yon stretched out beside the sitting Juna and let the water drip from his body. Juna look down the length of the dragon’s foreign body. So he was a male! Juna had assumed, but she quickly turned her gaze away embarrassed. He saw her embarrassment and tried to respond.
“I apologize again… Since we bath together… I guess I should have… Well what do you think?”
“I… I… I don’t know.” She was very unhappy at the way things were turning out. Juna jumped as Yon’s hand rested on her shoulder,”
“The last thing I would want is to make you uncomfortable.” Juna felt the eastern dragon’s body slowly slide around to her back, and there, he held her shoulders. Yon then placed his face before her’s.
“Are you curious?” he whispered in an ever so quiet voice. Juna would have lied to say no, but the all of the conditions around her made her give in, the steamy room, the large, wet serpent above her, and even the hopeful look on Yon’s face. She gave only a small nod.
Yon gently turned Juna to her back and lay her there. He kissed her forehead, and began to whisper to her in a foreign tongue as he continued. Slowly, and with much apparent skill, Yon wrapped his long body around Juna.
He turned and guided her until he was completely wrapped around her. When finished, Yon’s long strong body twisted around Juna like a long rope. He pinned her arms against her body, and traced down her belly. His body lay along hers, keeping her hind legs parted wide. His small legs locked on to the base of her tail. His eyes starred deeply into Juna’s.
Juna tried to move but Yon’s body weighted far too much, she couldn’t. Yon pulled along her tail. It was a strange sensation, when he entered her. She gasped. Yon was small when compared to Bernar, but he was powerful and experienced. Yon thrusts were slow at first, like Bernar’s, but they quickly became faster as Yon continued in the pinned Juna. With each thrust, the eastern dragon’s body gently squeezed her own.
She closed her eyes as the wet, steaming body above her began to twitch. It wasn’t long В‘till eastern dragon came to his orgasm, Juna’s was quick to follow as Yon’s body constricted around her.
Finished, Yon unwrapped his long sinuous body from Juna. The two lay quietly in the steam filled room, both enjoying the moment they had shared.

* * * * * * * * * *


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