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Peacock dragon auction (open) – Dragon Soul

Peacock dragon auction (open)



I’m leaving the download open only so you can see the work i put into this please do not use for your own personal projects or claim as your own ( i don’t want to put ugly watermarks all over my stuff) this beautiful dragon is rare (i will only make a few if any more than this one) name (you name choice here) height (5 feet at shoulder) this one is a male please start at 10usd or 1000 points (i really spent some time on this one and really like it so it needs a great home) auto 35usd or 3500 points Special (becuase i only plan on making two of them if you pay 50usd or 5000 points i will make a full ref) Full ref will include this image close up of head (3/4 view) wings underside and dorsal side one random image of them doing something (you can choose or let me decide its up to you) eyes in day and at night sample ref increase only by 1usd or 100 points highest bidder 15 usd ends in two weeks


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